Arîn înan arslan

Arin Inan Aslan was born in province of Dêrsim, in Kurdistan. He graduated IT from Ege University in Bornova, Izmir. He has been an independent filmmaker ever since. He realized his short films Kirinti (2004), Sî û Ba (2006), Pera Berbangê (2010) and Bêder (2020). He won many national and international awards. He recently made a documantry Aşkla Sana (2023) on the life of a poet.


A Kurdish village in Dêrsim is evacuated and its population relocated to the edge of a large city. Bishkov and his younger brother sell pigeons to the faithfuls on the marketplace and they liberate the pigeons. Later, Bishkov collects the pigeons once more and takes them home again. What does freedom mean, and who takes the decision for a free life?