AYDIN ORAK was born in 1982. He received a two-year education in Theater Directing at the Performing Arts Center. Orak has translated plays by various authors, including Gogol, Ibsen, Yaşar Kemal, and Haşmet Zeybek. He left Istanbul Bilgi University – Department of Performing Arts and Performance. His feature film “Asasız Musa” was released in Turkey in 2014. It participated in numerous national and international film festivals and received awards. Orak has directed films and plays that have been showcased at significant festivals and tours in Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Canada, Austria, and Australia. He served as a jury member at festivals such as the Alexandria International Film Festival, Adana International Film Festival, and Antakya Film Festival. He was honored with the Best Actor Award at the Direklerarası Theater Awards. He has published five books in the fields of poetry, translation, and research. He has acted, directed, and translated in dozens of theater productions. He currently resides in Istanbul.


The life of the writer, intellectual, spokesman of democracy, and activist Musa Anter is now a movie rich in metaphors and images. The “Uncle Musa” of Kurds: a man who shed light on humanity with his struggle, a unifying force who made distances disappear and made friends out of enemies. With Aydin Orak’s original interpretation, “Moses Without Rod” moves from a biography of Anter and carries him, his lifestyle and universal peaceful approach to the silver screen. “Moses without Rod” is the neverending struggle of an intellectual whose murder is still unsolved.