Sahim Omar Kalifa

Sahim Omar Kalifa who was born in 1980 in Zakho, Iraqi Kurdistan, is a Belgian-Kurdish filmmaker based in Belgium. In 2001, he came to Belgium, and in 2008 he got his Master’s degree in filmmaking at Sint-Lukas Film School, Brussels. With his short film Nan, Kalifa won the Best Flemish Student Film at the Leuven International Short Film Festival. Kalifa has won more than 100 international awards for his short films Land of the Heroes, Baghdad Messi, and Bad Hunter. In May 2016, Sahim started filming his first feature film Zagros, supported by Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (VAF), Dutch Film Fund and Eurimages. His documentary film Iraq’s Invisible Beauty tells the story of the late Iraqi photographer Latif al-Ani and his photographic documentation of Iraq between the 1950s and 1970s.

welatê qehremanan

1988, the conflict between Iraq and Iran is reaching its end. Iraqi Kurdistan is ravaged by the war. Ten year old Dilêr and his sister want to watch cartoons on television. But this is much more difficult than it would seem for, no matter which channel they press, all they see are soldiers, everywhere.