Şerif Çiçek was born in 1992 in Amed, Northern Kurdistan (Turkey).
During his education, he worked as assistant stage designer and assistant director in many film projects in Istanbul. In 2017 and 2018, he worked in Northern Syria – Western Kurdistan as part of the Rojava Film Commune. He later settled in Germany and worked as a director and producer for Art Records Production. He shot and produced numerous music videos and TV broadcasts with Art Records. He recently released his first documentary, “Prison or Exile”, which is currently being screened in Europe. He also serves as the European representative of the Rojava Film Commune.

zından yan sırgûn

Prison or Exile the documentary produced by Şerif Çiçek, Onur Güler and Adil Demirci, is discussing the pressures on elected politicians of the pro-Kurdish HDP in Turkey. They are presented in detail with examples from different periods. The trustee politics and the removal of parliamentary immunities are being discussed.