Ali Kemal Çinar was born in Amed. He directed a total of ten short films and wrote their scripts. In 2013, he shot his first feature film “Kurtefîlm” which was influenced by his short film experiences. “Veşartî”, which he shot in 2015, won the Best Film Award at the 15th İstanbul Festival and won the Best Film Award again in the SIYAD section. The same film won the Jury Prize at the 28th Hamburg Queer Festival. In 2017, he shot his third feature film called “Gênco” and won the Best Film award at the 28th Ankara International Film Festival. In 2018, he received the Special Jury Award from the 2018 National Competition and the FIPRESCI Award from the 5th Duhok International Film Festival with the film Di Navberê De/Arada. Ali Kemal Çinar still lives in Diyarbekir and makes films.


When Ali Kemal was 5 years old, someone from another world gave him super powers. But these powers are limited. It helps people with limited powers. To hide his identity, he wears a costume and introduces himself as Gênco. However, Ali Kemal’s limited powers make him ridiculous from time to time. This situation makes Ali Kemal depressed and he does not leave the house for a while. One day, Salih Ali, whom he had helped before, asks Kemal to help his sister. But even if Ali Kemal wants to, he cannot help Salih because he is powerless. Salih takes action on this situation and together they begin to work to improve Ali Kemal’s power.