He was born in 1990. He acted in plays unprofessionally in several theatre companies in Batman where he lived until he finished his highscool education. In 2008 he got into Marmara University the branch of radio cinema and television and he started to live in İstanbul. He took the leading role in the feature film Press, which started shooting in the same year. He won the Behlül Dal Special Jury Award from the 47th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival when Press movie released in 2010. In 2011, he received the Most Promising New Actor Award at the 22nd Ankara Film Festival. In 2012, he received the Best Actor Award from the 6th Sinepark Film Festival with his short film Musa. He worked in various positions in short or feature films and TV shows. He directed 5 short films. He continues his career as an actor and director.


Edip is appointed to his hometown as a teacher just after graduated from university. When he goes to the government office to start work, he learns that the village he was assigned to is not in the records. He could not tolerate the slowness of the bureaucracy any longer because schools are about to open. He starts to search for Yeşilköy himself, which cannot be found in any of the official records, in the region he knows like the back of his hand. Edip, who is looking for Yeşilköy in Diyarbakır, will find himself in one of Turkey’s biggest political problems.