bülent gündüz

Bulent GUNDUZ was born in Qereyazî in 1979 (Kurdistan in Turkey). Graduated from Kahramanmaras University as a public works engineer, he quickly became interested in the world of media and cinematography thanks to his first job in a radio station in Bursa. He studied cinema and journalism in Istanbul then became a journalist for the local channel for 6 years. For political reasons, he left the country and settled in Paris in 2001. In 2007, he published a media critique book (Generallerin Mikrofonlu Erleri ve Kürtler.) He realized 3 documentaries (Evdalê Zeynikê, Roboskî Mon Amour, Kurdistan Kurdistan) and he won many international prizes in many international platforms.

kurdıstan kurdıstan

A sensitive feature film about the tension between tradition and modernity, and the difficulty of returning home.  Delil Dilanar, a singer of traditional Kurdish songs, has continued to keep alive a rich and complex musical style known as dengbj.  However, after 20 years of exile in Europe, he finds that his heart hasn’t followed him. During a concert in New York, he announces his return to his roots. (In the Turkish Kurdistan) Once he finds himself back in Kurdistan, he falls into a deep depression, and he must turn to his old music master to find his way forward.