Şêro Hindê was born in Qamishlo in 1980. He studied  archeology in Damascus University but went on to work in the cinema field, making documentaries about the History of Syria. Later on he pursued a career as a director and cinema teacher, producing and directing documentaries and fiction in both short and feature length. Also he worked as a theater actor and director. He is one of the founders of “Welat art house” in 2014, and “Komina Filma Rojava”. Şêro Hindê presented his moviein international festivals.


Love in The Face of Genocide is a documentary exploring the oral literature of the Yazidi Dengbêj in Shengal, Kurdistan, produced by the Rojava Film Commune.The traditional art of the Yazidi bards not only represents cultural archives that document the recurring violence against this ethnic group, but also an important form of resistance. The film takes us to the mountains of Sinjar (Shengal), the homeland of the Yazidi Kurds. Carried by the haunting voices of the bards, the film shows how cultural and religious songs – across generations – help preserve their identity and hope for the community.