Vedat Oyan was born in Silvan/Diyarbekir. Oyan, who started practicing his profession at the age of 16, continued his university education at Akdeniz University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio-Television and Cinema in the following years. After his undergraduate education, he completed his master’s degree in ‘Film Design’ at Dokuz Eylül University. Throughout his education, he worked as a professional cinematographer on sets.Throughout this process, he writes articles on cinema and these articles are published in various cinema magazines. Finally, Oyan, also co-wrote a book about cinema


In 1990s, approximately 17.000 unidentified murders were committed in Turkey. The murderers were driving “Renault 12” also named Renault Toros in Turkey which became a symbol for unidentified murders. The film compares the production purposes of the vehicle in France and its uses in Turkey.